Knowledge is the best treatment

How We Do It

After we appropriately diagnose your condition, we employ a variety of non-surgical techniques including education, medications, cortisone injections, and/or refer you to a physical therapist or chiropractor. Knowledge is the best treatment, so we spend a lot of time with our patients educating them about their condition. After this, they can make good decisions about their treatment. Sometimes surgery is the best treatment, and we have access to the best orthopedic and neurosurgeons in the region to help when called upon.

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Is Our Practice Right For You?

We diagnose and treat people with numb hands/arms, numb legs/feet, upper, mid, and low back pain, painful arms, legs, and joints. If a medical doctor of another specialty or a colleague of another profession is a better match for your needs, we will get you pointed in the right direction.

What can you expect when you visit our practice?

You can expect to be treated respectfully and kindly by our team. You can expect to have all of your symptoms addressed. You can expect a thorough evaluation and explanation. You can expect to have your questions answered so that you can make good decisions about your health care. We will discuss your treatment options/alternatives so that you can feel comfortable with your treatment plan.